Saturn 6pc Studioease

Posted on | Friday, December 3, 2010 | No Comments

Construction: 6-ply [4 Maple/ 2 Inner Walnut] Shell Thickness: 5.1mm (Toms and Snares) / 7.2mm (Bass Drums)
  • 8-coat hand-rubbed lacquer finishes
  • Isolated bass drum tom mount system
  • 2.3mm chrome steel Mapex Powerhoop
  • Non-penetrating Mapex I.T.S System
  • I.T.S. bass drum spur mounts
  • Cushioned bass drum claw hooks
  • Floor tom legs with I.T.S. and spring loaded feet
  • Include double braced Mapex hardware
  • Low mass, single-point-contact lugs
  • Remo® Emperor™ drum heads


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