Mapex Saturn

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Mapex Saturn

Moving on up the line, you find the Mapex Saturn, situated towards the top end of the drum market, this kit is aimed at the professional musician, however it is priced remarkable keenly, closer to mid-range levels. The shells are a hybrid of maple and walnut, two inner plies being walnut while the 4 exterior plies are maple. The bass shell is 7.5mm and the toms are 5.1mm. Quality of lacquered finish is again high. The 750 series hardware on this kit is a treat, available in chrome or black, the Isolated Tom Mount System is applied throughout, with the floor tom featuring spring loaded legs. The kit has a lot of resonance with a rich tone and wide tuning range. Mapex have used Remo Ambassador heads on the snare and base drums with Emperor batter heads on the toms. If your thinking of buying a Meridian Series kit, it's worth considering holding off until you can afford the price jump up to the Saturn, the quality and sound of this kit is just jaw dropping for the price.


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