Gibson Artist Series Guitars

Posted on | Friday, December 3, 2010 | No Comments

Gibson and the legendary member of classic rock band Led Zepplin’s Jimmy Page have joined voices to create a series of artist-designed guitars from both the United Kingdom and Brazil. With the well-known guitars of Gibson serving as the template, the money from the sale of the guitars will benefit the children of Brazil’s shanty-town favelas. The guitars seen here include Calma, Titi Freak, Will Barras, Daniel Melime, Inkie and Pure Evil. Alongside the ones seen here are other artist-designs (for a total of 12) which are currently being showcased as part of the A Força Da Rua (“Force Of The Streets”) exhibition at The Print Space in East London. The auctioning of the guitars will take place at The Cuckoo Club on April 29th, with the proceeds benefiting the ABC Trust.


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